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Community Service Opportunities with Alpha Phi Omega

Todd Belok

Todd Belok, a mental health technician at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, devotes much of his leisure time to philanthropic organizations. When not acting as a volunteer firefighter or EMT, Todd Belok undertakes community service work with Alpha Phi Omega throughout Washington D.C.

A co-ed service organization, Alpha Phi Omega has operated for almost a century, bringing over 470,000 members together over its history. Through the principles of friendship and leadership, the organization brings college students together to devote themselves to community service. Young people develop social awareness and useful skills for the future, while also bringing forth positive change.
The main event for Alpha Phi Omega is National Service Week, held each November and with a different theme each year. In 2017, the goal was to prevent suicide on college campuses around America, with all 375 chapters throughout the nation holding events and talks on mental health and promoting awareness among their peers.
Additionally, Alpha Phi Omega observes America's National Youth Service Day. Each chapter chooses how they want to make a difference, including volunteering at hospitals, cleaning up beaches, holding educational seminars, and more. In 2017 alone, over 16,000 hours of service were recorded.

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